Drug Screening



Drug Screening

We are an accredited forensic laboratory. For this particularly analysis complex and sensitive detection methods are required .

For substitution clinics , hospitals and companies that need to rule out drug use, we offer a low-cost drug analysis with screening tests. Because of the longer detection time of a drug, urine is recommended as the preferred sample material for us.

We run hundreds of drug screening test a day. Upon request we can extend the screening to the confirmatory examinations directly. Only the more complex confirmatory examinations are accepted by legal institutions and courts. We offer both types of analysis out of one hand. In this context, we can ensure that the sample is from the patient, by detection of a marker in the urine ( Ruma-System© ) . This method also allows more confounding factors that could lead to an impairment of analysis to prove. A visual check of the patient providing the sample is not needed.

If you want to learn more about our drug analysis and the Ruma-Marker© system please call us at :

Dr. Carsten Bartling : +49-221-940-564-18
Dr. Jacqueline Schmitte : +49-221-940-564-37
Mail : info@lab-quade.de