About us

About us

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Laboratory Dr. Quade and Associates

We are a medical laboratory in Cologne Germany, which supplies mainly outpatient structures with laboratory services.

Because of our longstanding expertise in the ares of quality management (certified according to DAKKS/CAP/CLIA), we are a strong partner ín the field of blood product safety for our clients.

Especially important for us is the close cooperation and communication with our submitters.

Our customer service refers not only to the execution of the analysis, but also to the provision of services relating to laboratory operations such as computerized services (eg : order entry , Virtual-Private Network Systems) and logistics (own transport service ).

Quality management is an integral part of our daily routine. Our company size allows us on the one hand to do most of our testing in-house, but also to react quickly and flexible to the demands of our clients on the other.
Especially when it comes to studies or analysis which are complex to organize, we can surly help you. An advantage is our CAP/CLIA certification, which allows us to do all our analysis according to the US standards.

Do you have question ? You can contact us easily:
info@lab-quade.de !

  • The full laboratory portfolio from one hand
  • Laboratory is certified according to CAP/CLIA
  • We have special expertise in our main fields
  • We work with international companies to ensure the quality of their blood products

Information : 0221-940-564-0
Mail : info@lab-quade.de